Learn From Dennis Vu, CEO and co-founder of Ringblaze

“We spend $3,000 per month on marketing. We’re a startup in the SaaS industry, business phone app niche. We sell a business phone app that lets our customers easily open up new channels for their customers to call them,” said David Vu, CEO and co-founder of Ringblaze.

“When it comes to the money we invest in marketing, most of it goes on SEO and content marketing,” he added. “We realize that it’s a long game, but so far, it’s made a lot of sense in the amount of exposure and the number of leads we generated.”

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In two months, Vu’s company doubled its organic traffic, tripled its website’s domain authority, generated 10-20 backlinks to its website, and increased the number of leads it gets by around 30%.

“We may have just gotten lucky, but the results we got from digital marketing are excellent,” Vu said. “Our doubts initially were that the agency we hired would not deliver at all, especially for a small budget like this one. Most companies that I know spend five times this amount monthly on marketing at the least, so we are pretty happy with the results we got.”

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